Hi, my name is Maïna Durafour and I am a senior at the University of Connecticut majoring in journalism.

My aspirations are to become a reporter in the cultural field and produce documentaries, podcasts, or anything involving audio/visual storytelling. I have a profound interest in people’s stories, literature, history and art. I’m also developing a strong interest in environmental journalism.

I’m the assistant news director of UConn’s student-run television station, UCTV, with a specialization in video editing. I’m also involved in the university’s student newspaper, The Daily Campus.

View some of the reportage and writing I have done for those outlets or as part of my journalism coursework.

I grew up in France until my 20’s and moved to the United States with my father to complete my studies. I began learning about journalism when I was 15 years old during a short internship at France 3 Midi-Pyrénées, a television station in my home country. There, I engaged with many news professionals and discovered the many ways of being a journalist. It was quite striking to learn the variety of jobs in journalism, each with their own responsibilities and particular skills sets.

In my free time, I like to go outside and walk. I enjoy reading books with a good cup of tea when the weather becomes dreary, or outside in a comfy chair on warm, sunny day. I also love cats, the smell of books, cooking, watching documentaries and taking pictures of pretty things.

Contact me at, on LinkedIn or Instagram.