Audio/Visual work

At the University of Connecticut, I took a podcast class where I studied the different format of podcast on the market. Chat cast, solo, interview or narrative story, this class allowed us to practice all these different types. Here are two piece of work I’m particularly proud of:

The Wonders Of Puppetry – Learn With Me Today

Learn With Me Today is a podcast concept that I created for the purpose of my final project. This potential series of episode will involved making

Learning About The Environment Is Not Always Easy, But Literature Can Help

For this interview episode, I’m with professor Wayne Franklin from the University of Connecticut. During our conversation, Wayne links his knowledge in natural writing and literature with his own experiences as a child. While we hear about climate change a lot, it’ sometimes hard to measure what it really means, and what are the consequences.

Literature can be a way to reconnect with nature, and take in consideration our own impact.

Here’s the episode.

The archeocrypt of Lagrave, a place of history in need of more visitors / Slideshow

Lagrave, a little village near Albi in the south of France, seems to be a simple place where it is nice to live. However, its history is more important than it appears to be./Photo, video and sound editing by Maïna Durafour.

Audio interview

The internet brought many things, but also destroyed. My grandmother, Karen Havens, uses internet everyday like many people, and has had to learn how to live with it. My question to her was “Is there anything the internet changed that you miss doing?”

Here’s her answer.